Poi is a great game of coordination and skill. It can be spun and twirl in many amazing patterns. Dance, swing and play with this traditional Polynesian game. Poi is very, very popular in Australia, New Zealand and any visitor to South East Asia. Why get left out? Try one today!

poi/poi-goudurix.jpg Poi $17.95
POI! New hot juggling product! Adjustable string.


poi/poi-wizard-thumb.jpg Wizard Poi $19.95
Wizard Poi - Originating from the Maori culture in New Zealand, Poi are the newest craze in the active toy market. Poi users from novice to pro create brilliant patterns by swinging the two poi around the body. The tails flap to make an exciting sound!. Each Wizard Poi set is packed inside a handy travel bag and features highly durable finger grips, cord and grommets.