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Light Up Juggling Ball - 2 1/2" - Hard Shell $15.95

Our Light Up Juggling Balls have been one of our most popular type of juggling balls. This is the 2 1/2 inch diameter, hard shell ball.

And now, we are pleased to offer a great variety of light up balls. Eleven different colors, and new styles and sizes.

The "3 color strobe" flashes very quickly, so it looks like a pulsating light, rather than individual colors. The 7-color balls cycle through 7 different cools, each new color about every second. VERY cool.

All take replaceable watch batteries. Each lasts for approximately 25 hours of "on" time. Balls with rechargable batteries will be available soon - email us for more info on rechargable balls.

Makes a Great Unique Gift!

Note that these Light Up Juggling Balls are priced individually.

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