videos/juggling-101-dvd-thumb.jpg Juggling 101 DVD $22.95
Juggling 101 is a culmination of decades of juggling experience. It is a full length, full-featured DVD encompassing an immense collection of juggling and circus skills.


videos/ivandvd2-thumb.jpg Things You Can't Do $25.95
New! This video displays some of the most technical juggling executed by many of the top jugglers currently alive and breathing today.

Volume 2 now available!


videos/club-juggling-passing.jpg Club Juggling and Passing $19.85
For anyone comfortable juggling balls, this video teaches everything a beginning club juggler needs to know.


videos/diabolo-folies.jpg Diabolo Folies $21.85
Mister Babache and three of the world's best diabolists present the methodology of the diabolo in this comprehensive video from Europe.


videos/juggling.jpg Juggling $29.75
A 50 minute documentary film for home video. An extensive selection of archival and contemporary film footage.


videos/anthony-gatto.jpg Anthony Gatto $19.85
Anthony Gatto established his first world record at age eleven and by 1991 (at age 18) had nine to his credit.


videos/cigar-boxes.jpg Cigar Boxes $19.85
An excellent, well organized, step-by-step instructional guide to cigar boxes by performer and seven time IJA medalist Brian Patz.


videos/ball-bouncing.jpg Ball Bouncing $19.85
In this video, juggler Paul Bachman gets you started with ball bouncing giving instructions for over 25 patterns.


videos/devil-stick.jpg Devil Stick $19.85
An excellent video on devil sticks with world-class juggler Neil Stammer, who has performed and instructed in over 30 countries.


videos/hat-juggling.jpg Hat Juggling $19.85
This instructional video features Andy Head, the 1985 and 1991 U.S. National Juggling Champion.


videos/bobby-may.jpg Bobby May: Great American Juggler $19.85
The definitive documentary on one of history's greatest jugglers.


videos/fred-garbo.jpg Fred Garbo $19.85
Fred "Zeplin" Garbo has made the BIG time as a Human Blimp.


videos/diabolodvdWill-thumb.jpg Diabolo DVD $19.95
Professtional diabolo artist Will Roya & Brain Erle will teach you the basics of the diabolo through advance tricks and an introduction on two diabolos. A great DVD that easy and fun to learn from that takes you from beginner to advance step by step. You can also skip around the DVD easily to just learn the tricks you want including some orginals never taught before. Includes bonus features of the diabolo in performance and other extras. Highly recomended.


videos/sphereplay-dvd-thumb.jpg SpherePlay DVD $27.95
Art of the Sphere
Learn 55 moves & stalls with Micheal Glen and see 10 sphereplayers with 10 unique styles. Contact Juggling DVD
Language : English
Sous-Titres/Subtitles : Franšais-Spanish-Japanese-German-Mandarin Chinese


balls/juggling_ensemble-thumb.jpg Juggling Ensemble $29.95
Our high quality 130g juggling balls now come in a new full color box with a fantastic DVD called Juggling 101. Juggling 101 teaches 3 balls, 4 balls, 5 balls, clubs, ball passing, club passing, diabolo, devilstick, rings, spinning plates and more! Do the math, its a great deal and a great gift.
Over $40.00 if purchased separately!