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packages/collection1-thumb.jpg Juggling Package #1 $62.95
A set for the Beginning Juggler. Save by getting all of these great items.


packages/package2bb-thumb.jpg Juggling Package #2 $122.95
Another great package, with quality Circus Clubs.


packages/package3bb-thumb.jpg Juggling Package #3 $139.95
Scarves and Spinning Plates added to Package #2


packages/collection6-thumb.jpg Juggling Package #4 $129.95
Ultimate Package w/ Basic Clubs. This has enough to keep anyone busy for a long time.


packages/collection5-thumb.jpg Juggling Package #5 $141.90
Ultimate Package! w/ Circus Clubs
Note: "Juggling 101" DVD is included in place of the books pictured. Books not currently available!


Ultimate Cirque du Soleil Package $149.95
Cirque Package - Get one of each Cirque products. Each individually packaged. Receive 1 set of Cirque du Soleil Juggling balls set, 1 Cirque Diabolo, 1 Cirque Devil Stick, 1 Cirque Spinning Plate, 1 Cirque Clubs set, and 1 Cirque Devil Stick.

Wow! The ultimate set of Cirque du Soleil juggling items. If purchased individually, value is over $160.


packages/jugglebug-set-120.jpg Jugglebug Juggling Set $39.99
From the old Jugglebug company, we are pleased to offer this set of balls, rings, scarves, clubs, book, and video! Packaged as pictured. Clubs and rings are smaller than normal, perfect for kids but fun for adults too.