clubsrings/1piece-juggling-clubs-thumb.jpg Set of 3 (one-piece) Clubs $25.95
One Piece Club - Many jugglers started with these middle weight clubs. These durable clubs are great for introductory club juggling. Learn to juggle clubs at a very nice price.
Glow in the Dark set - $32.95


clubsrings/1piece-juggling-clubs-thumb.jpg ONE club $8.75
We generally sell these clubs as a set. Order ONE club here. These are our one-piece clubs.


clubsrings/px3-floro-thumb.jpg PX3 Floro Club - Set of 3 $77.95
This training club comes in lots of brilliant color combinations with a new feature: FLEX GRIP. The one piece molded handle is manufactured with an innovative rubbery material which gives it an excellent grip. This revolutionary concept is going to change the world of club juggling. Fluorescent UV reactive colors
Club Length - 20.30 in
Weight - 225 g


clubsrings/rings-thumb.jpg Juggling Ring $5.85
Juggling Rings 12 3/4" - These rings are preferred by professional jugglers all over the world. Tough polypropylene in bright colors.

Sold individualy. Order 3 for a set.


dube/rings-thumb.jpg Juggling Ring $6.35
These rings are molded from a specially formulated polypropylene to eliminate breakage. Sold individualy. Order 3 for a set.


diabolos/g-scarves-thuimb.jpg Juggling Scarves - 65cm $8.75
The scarves are the stepping stone to learning to juggle balls. Because of its light weight and slow descent, you can learn the logistics of juggling.
These are the larger, 65 cm, scarves. Approx. 26 inches square.


clubsrings/juggling-scarves-thumb.jpg Set of Juggling Scarves $5.85
Scarves are excellent for teaching large groups of people to juggle. Very good for hand-eye coordination. Float smoothly and slowly. Bright blue, orange and yellow.
About 40 cm, 16 inches square.


clubsrings/torch-thumb.jpg Juggling Torch $28.90
This torch (Brian Dube) is great for juggling as well as swinging. One-piece, solid maple design. Integral round wood knob with flat end for balancing. High gloss finish in white.

Sold individualy. Order 3 for a set.


dubecustom/composite-thumb.jpg Custom Club $38.95
These Composite clubs have been precisely engineered. Each club is individually hand assembled around a hardwood dowel core. This core provides for linear rigidity and construction of our spring-flex handle feature (which makes the club easier on your hands).
Our European Clubs are available in two lengths (Longhandled and Shorthandled) and two weights (220 gm and 260 gm). If length is not specified, we will make your order longhandled. Phatboyz are made in one standard length and weight.
These clubs are custom made. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. Email any quesitons.


cirque/cirque-du-soleil-rings-2-small.jpg Cirque du Soleil Juggling Rings set $18.95
Cirque du Soleil Juggling Ring Set. Comes with three professional 12.75" juggling rings and instructions in English, French, German and Spanish


cirque/cirque-du-soleil-clubs-2-small.jpg Cirque du Soleil Juggling Clubs set $42.95
Comes with three professional juggling clubs and instructions in English, French, German and Spanish


clubsrings/cigar-boxes.jpg Cigar Boxes - Set opf 3 $65.95
Well made to last drops. Felt edges for easier grip. Colors vary. 3 different colors to a set.


clubsrings/trick-rope-thumb.jpg Trick Rope - 15' $20.00
This 100% cotton braided cord (with a cotton-core), is manufactured specifically for rope spinning and favored by professional ropers.
15 foot - $20.00
20 foot - $25.00
24 foot - $33.00


packages/jugglebug-set-120.jpg Jugglebug Juggling Set $39.99
From the old Jugglebug company, we are pleased to offer this set of balls, rings, scarves, clubs, book, and video! Packaged as pictured. Clubs and rings are smaller than normal, perfect for kids but fun for adults too.