books/3-ball-digest.jpg Three Ball Digest $17.75
Two books in one! Three Ball Digest: Detailed instruction from beginner to professional level.


books/diabolo-a-z.jpg The Diabolo from A to Z $12.95
A 95 page book that covers pretty much everything about the diabolo. This book contains many, many tricks and even teaches the fine art of two diabolos.


books/circus-techniques.jpg Circus Techniques $19.95
More than 150 circus stunt techniques such as acrobatics, balancing, toss juggling (balls, rings, clubs), devil sticks, diabolo, rope spinning, spinning plates, hoop rolling, trapeze, slack rope, tightrope and much more. Written by renowned authority on the circus.


books/fire-eating.jpg Fire Eating book $9.95
This much needed manual deals with a subject about which very little has been written. The book covers safety, fuels and equipment. It also illustrates numerous stunts: fire on tongue, "teething," human torch, blasts and more.


books/club-swinging.jpg Club Swinging $9.85
The swinging of two clubs, originally an exercise and Olympic event, has been revived into a juggling art.


books/diabolo-book.jpg The Diabolo Book $14.85
This fully illustrated instructional book covers every aspect of the diabolo.


books/club-patterns.jpg Club Patterns Book $34.50
The definitive and most comprehensive technical work on club passing with over 500 diagrams.


books/will-rogers.jpg Will Rogers Rope Tricks $7.95
by Frank Dean

Learn to perform more than 100 rope tricks of Will Rogers, such as flat loops, the wedding ring, two rope routines, etc.


books/old-juggling-book-thumb.jpg New Juggling Tricks (1901)
$8.95$4.95 On Sale!
This is new condition. A 1978 reprint of a small booklet from 1901 titled "New Juggling Tricks" by Prof. Ellis Stanyon. To our knowledge, this is the first English language book, entirely on Juggling


books/3-club-juggling.jpg Three Club Juggling $12.95
A beginner's guide to three clubs. How to juggle three clubs, ten advanced tricks plus fancy starts and finishes.


books/art-of-juggling.jpg The Art of Juggling $12.95
Everything from learning how to juggle three balls through advanced patterns. Over 60 different 3-ball tricks with diagrams.
New Edition 2006