balls/4panel-juggling-balls-thumb.jpg Quality 4-panel Ball $5.90
130 grams, approx. 2 1/2" diameter
Most Popular! Juggling Balls - Handcrafted from beautiful and bright stretch fabric. Each ball is simply a work of art and will please even the most fickle of jugglers. Sold individualy. Order 3 for a set.


balls/3-4panel-juggling-balls.jpg 4 Panel Ball - Large $9.90
500g, 3.75 inch diameter
These larger size balls are great for exercise. And the large diameter helps to show from the stage. Same quality as our popular 4-panel 2 1/2" diameter balls. Red/Yellow/Blue/Green panels.
Sold individualy. Order 3 for a set.


balls/3-4panel-juggling-balls.jpg 4 Panel Ball - Small $4.90
75g, 2 inch
These small juggling balls are great for small hands. Also good for numbers juggling.
Sold individualy. Order 3 for a set.


balls/juggling_ensemble-thumb.jpg Juggling Ensemble $29.95
Our high quality 130g juggling balls now come in a new full color box with a fantastic DVD called Juggling 101. Juggling 101 teaches 3 balls, 4 balls, 5 balls, clubs, ball passing, club passing, diabolo, devilstick, rings, spinning plates and more! Do the math, its a great deal and a great gift.
Over $40.00 if purchased separately!


balls/beginnerset-juggling-balls-thumb.jpg "Beginner" Set of Balls $9.95
This set comes with three full size beginner juggling balls and instructions. Great value for the price!


balls/small-set-juggling-balls.jpg Small Juggling Set $2.99
Only $2.99 for the set! These are smaller, 4 panel, Brightly colored balls (about 2" diameter). Red/yellow/blue/green panels. For this price, be sure to add a set or 2 to your order. Comes in plastic pull-string bag.


balls/bounce-balls.jpg Bounce Juggling Balls $22.95
For Bounce Juggling. These are a great deal - about 90% bounce that silicone balls have, but at a MUCH lower cost.
Diameter: 63 mm - 2 1/2"
Allow an extra week for Purple/White, Blue/White, & Black/White


balls/acrylic-contact76-thumb.jpg Contact Ball - Acrylic $53.95
Acrylic Ball for contact juggling.
76mm - 3 inch diameter
Blue acrylic (not pictured)


balls/contact-ball-practice-thmb.jpg Practice Contact Ball $12.95
Practice Conact Ball - made of hard plastic
100mm - 3 15/16 inch diameter
Orange or White


cirque/cirque-du-soleil-juggling-balls-2-small.jpg Cirque du Soleil Juggling Balls set $22.95
Cirque du Soleil juggling ball kit. Comes with three professional juggling balls and instructions in English, French, German and Spanish


dube/stage-balls-thumb.jpg 3" Stage Balls $9.95
The original hollow vinyl Stage ball. NO BOUNCE.
Glow in the Dark - $9.70


balls/lacrosse-juggling-balls-thumb.jpg Lacrosse Ball $5.50
DeBeer lacrosse balls are now available in 5 colors. (white, yellow, orange, blue, and pink) Great for juggling! Sold individually. Order 3 for a set.


packages/collection1-thumb.jpg Juggling Package #1 $62.95
A set for the Beginning Juggler. Save by getting all of these great items.


For some help on deciding on the right juggling ball for you, just turn your speakers on, and click on my picture below...