diabolos/g-flowersticks-thumb.jpg Flower Stick $19.75
The Flowerstick, with its rubber "flowers" and sticky thermoplastic elastomer coated handsticks, is much easier to play with. Both features slow down the Flowerstick rotation. Flip it, spin it, and toss it! It is a great activity for hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and concentration.
Great vibrant colors! Color coordinated handsticks included.


diabolos/flower-stick-thumb.jpg Flower Stick $20.75
Easiest Devil Stick to perform.
Handsticks included.


books/flower-stick-booklet-thumb.jpg Flower Stick Booklet $1.95
Booklet to learn basics of the flower stick.


diabolos/g-handsticks-flower-thumb.jpg Extra Handsticks for Flower Sticks $5.50
2 Wooden handsticks covered by an elastomer. Much more grip than the traditional handsticks !


diabolos/do-it-yourself-flowerstick2-thumb.jpg Flowerstick "Do It Yourself" $24.95
New product ! A Flowerstick that you can decorate yourself. Use the included DVD to learn how to decorate and how to use the Flowerstick. Bonus freestyle included !


diabolos/multilens-stunt-devil-stick-thumb.jpg MutiLens Devil Stick $24.95
Brilliant multilens decoration.
Handsticks included.


diabolos/multilens-stunt-devil-stick-thumb.jpg Stunt Stick $21.95
A durable, professional devil stick.
Handsticks included.


devil-stick-fire-thumb.jpg Fire Devil Stick $42.77
Wood with decorations and silicon handsticks.


cirque/cirque-du-soleil-devil-stick-2-small.jpg Cirque du Soleil Devilstick $34.95
Comes with one professional devilstick, two handsticks and instructions in English, French, German and Spanish
Sorry, this is not available in time for Christmas.