fire/fire-ball-thumb.jpg Fire Balls $19.85
Diameter : 80 mm - 3 3/16"

Detail : Wooden balls, covered with a kevlar wick.

Kevlar gloves are necessary.

Order 3 for a set.


fire/kevlar-gloves-thumb.jpg Kevlar Gloves $34.90
Pair of Kevlar gloves to juggle with fire.


clubsrings/torch-thumb.jpg Juggling Torch $28.90
This torch (Brian Dube) is great for juggling as well as swinging. One-piece, solid maple design. Integral round wood knob with flat end for balancing. High gloss finish in white.

Sold individualy. Order 3 for a set.


dube/custom-torches-thumb.jpg Custom Torch $44.85
These torches handle like our Composite Clubs. This large diameter hardwood torch comes fully decorated with durable foam knobs and our spring-flex handle design.


books/fire-eating.jpg Fire Eating book $9.95
This much needed manual deals with a subject about which very little has been written. The book covers safety, fuels and equipment. It also illustrates numerous stunts: fire on tongue, "teething," human torch, blasts and more.


devil-stick-fire-thumb.jpg Fire Devil Stick $42.77
Wood with decorations and silicon handsticks.


fire/fire-poi-thumb.jpg Fire Poi - Set of 2 $60.75
Designed with fan-folded cube wicking--when swung, the plies separate slightly, maximizing surface area and flame.