dube/airflight-juggling-clubs-thumb.jpg Airflight Club $18.95
Classically styled one-piece design molded in a special formula polyethylene that is flexible and resilient, yet tough enough to withstand maximum abuse. Great starter set.
Sold individually.


dube/rings-thumb.jpg Juggling Ring $6.35
These rings are molded from a specially formulated polypropylene to eliminate breakage. Sold individualy. Order 3 for a set.


dube/klassic-torch-thumb.jpg Klassic Torch $34.90
This torch is great for juggling as well as swinging. One-piece, solid maple design.


dube/knives-thumb.jpg Juggling Knife $47.75
Patented, custom designed and manufactured specifically for juggling with optimal weight and balance. Sold individualy. Order 3 for a set.


dube/exerballs-thumb.jpg ExerBalls 1 lb. $43.75
Heavy juggling balls designed to use the skill of juggling as an upper body exercise.

1.75 lb. - $49.75
2.5 lb. - $57.75


dube/custom-torches-thumb.jpg Custom Torch $44.85
These torches handle like our Composite Clubs. This large diameter hardwood torch comes fully decorated with durable foam knobs and our spring-flex handle design.


fire/fire-poi-thumb.jpg Fire Poi - Set of 2 $60.75
Designed with fan-folded cube wicking--when swung, the plies separate slightly, maximizing surface area and flame.


dubecustom/composite-thumb.jpg Custom Club $38.95
These Composite clubs have been precisely engineered. Each club is individually hand assembled around a hardwood dowel core. This core provides for linear rigidity and construction of our spring-flex handle feature (which makes the club easier on your hands).
Our European Clubs are available in two lengths (Longhandled and Shorthandled) and two weights (220 gm and 260 gm). If length is not specified, we will make your order longhandled. Phatboyz are made in one standard length and weight.
These clubs are custom made. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. Email any quesitons.


related/spinning-plate-metal2-thumb.jpg Aluminum Spinning Plate $38.90
These are finally available again! Made from from a heavy gauge, hard temper aluminum.
Handsticks included. Extensions and extra handsticks available separately.


related/spinning-plate-handstick-extension-thumb.jpg Spinning Plates Handsticks $4.00
Need extra handsticks for your Aluminum Spinning Plates? Here they are!


dube/stage-balls-thumb.jpg 3" Stage Balls $9.95
The original hollow vinyl Stage ball. NO BOUNCE.
Glow in the Dark - $9.70